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Whether you’re wrapping leftovers or your kids’ lunches,home. by Foil Mepromises to keep your food fresher for longer. With its adorable design, these food wraps are sure to entertain the kids, and might even encourage them to join in with food prep!

Aside from being indisputably cute,home. by Foil Meis easily recyclable and contains no micro plastics, so you can feel confident in knowing you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

Versatile and convenient, home. by Foil Me is available in two sizes: Medium (9.1" x 10.63") and Large (11.8" x 13.78"), so you can alternate depending on your needs. While Medium is great for smaller food items, Large is ideal for sandwiches, rolls and wraps.

Simply roll your cute foil wraps into a tennis-sized ball once you have finished with them and dispose of in your council’s curb side recycling labelled bin.

Our silver 'home. by Foil Me' wraps are safe to use in a domestic oven.
Our patterned foil wraps are not oven safe due to the ink used for the designs.
All ‘home. by Foil Me’ food wraps are not microwave safe.

At Foil Me, we are all about giving back. Over the years, with the help of our Foil Me Movers, we have supported a variety of charities and foundations. Whether it be through donations, campaigns or simply raising awareness, supporting our community has always remained one of our core values.

After the tragic bushfires that blazed all over Australia during the summer of 2019/2020, Foil Me wanted to offer support to the animals that had been injured and displaced; so we donated $1.00 from the sale of every packet sold for the month of January and February to Animals Australia, and in doing so, we were able to raise a total of $10,000.

This time, we have pledged to donate a generous $0.20 from every box sold in an effort to continue our support of Animals Australia and their fight against animal injustice.

This information can be found on our dedicated shipping and returns page. Please visit by clicking here.

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