Foil Me partners with Animals Australia in their fight against animal injustice

Just when you thought we'd created all you could dream of in the world of foil, our recent venture is unlike anything you've seen before. 

After expanding our focus from hair to the home, we are so excited to announce our newest collection, ‘home. by Foil Me’. Designed to make life in the kitchen easier and less mundane, these handy food wraps provide sustainable alternative to single use plastic – and an adorable one at that!

As you may be aware, we are passionate about creating products that are both aesthetic and functional – but what you might not know, is that sustainability is just as important.

Now you might be wondering - how exactly do we do this?

Well, aside from our foils being both 100% recyclable and made from a percentage of recycled aluminium, we are also passionate about supporting causes that give back. After previously partnering with non-for-profit organisations including The National Breast Cancer Foundation, UK based Green Salon Collective and The Wheen Bee Foundation (Australia), we are this time joining forces with Animals Australia.

With their zeal to create a safer, more sustainable environment for Australian wildlife, we have long admired Animals Australia for their work against animal injustice. For this reason, we’ve pledged to donate a generous $0.20c from every box sold to help support Animals Australia’s mission to create a kinder world for all.

So, how did this union come to be?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this partnership was inspired by the foil design, featuring beloved furry endangered friends, the Koala and Southern Nosed Wombat. But what you might be surprised to learn is that our desire to lend a helping hand inspired the foil, not the other way around - and how better to do this than to partner with Animals Australia!

“Ili and I believe that giving back is important and we thought that if we illustrated two endangered animals on our wraps, we could not only help with donating funds to Animals Australia, but we could also assist in spreading awareness that the koala and southern nosed wombat being endangered,” says Emily.

A cause close to our hearts, this isn’t the first time we have shown our support for Animals Australia. In 2019, after becoming members of the organisation, we donated $10,000 to support their bushfire recovery effort. With the fires having a devastating impact on native wildlife, the non-for-profit organisation campaigned tirelessly to lessen the aftershock by providing immediate care for surviving animals. A huge undertaking, they also advocated for an emergency response plan to help improve response times and reduce future fatalities. After witnessing this effort, we felt inspired to work with the animal protection organisation for a second time.  

“We chose to work with Animals Australia again because they have proven to be absolute advocates for animals of all species - they go above and beyond to expose cruelty that many people are not aware of, and they are constantly fighting for better rights for animals,” says Emily.

As wildlife rescue pioneers, Animals Australia are passionate about striving for a stronger, more unified approach to combating animal cruelty and creating a sustainable future. Through their campaigning, they have inspired others like us to join their mission, both as members and supporters. By partnering with Animals Australia on this new venture, we are excited to continue supporting their fight against animal injustice.

If you’d like to show your support for Animals Australia, or better understand the scale of work that they do, you can learn more here.

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