Make school lunches fun with ‘home. by Foil Me’

Tired of relying on messy cling wrap and annoying zip-lock bags to wrap school lunches? Want to add some excitement to the preparation process, and maybe even encourage the kids to join in? Well, ‘home. by Foil Me’ promises to do exactly that by making the mundane, fun, and the difficult, easy.

Decorated with illustrations of native Australian wildlife (the Koala and Southern Nosed Wombat) and some delicious lunchbox favourites, these nifty food wraps are specially designed to make lunchtime fun. With ‘home. by Foil Me’, you’ll be levelling up your kids’ lunchbox game in no time – so, what are you waiting for?

Pre-cut for convenience, these food foil wraps are available in Medium (23cm x 27cm) and Large (30cm x 35cm), so you can choose which size works best. While the Medium wraps are great for smaller treats, the large is ideal for sandwiches and rolls – and with 100 wraps in each box, that’s a lot of school lunches covered!

Easy to use, these versatile wraps hold your lunches snugly to keep them fresher for longer, and with their undeniably adorable design, are sure to make preparation fun for the whole family! Designed to make food prep a breeze, ‘home. by Foil Me’ is perfect for wrapping pretty much anything - from muffins and cakes, to rolls and baked goods. While we’re confident that these food wraps will help to transform your kids’ lunches, let’s be honest, it’s what’s inside that really counts. Stuck for ideas on how to make lunchtime cute and delicious? Don’t fret - we’ve found some recipes that are quick and easy to create – and are simple enough for the kids to lend a hand!

If you’re on the lookout for a failsafe, healthy muffin recipe, then these delightfully moreish Blackberry, Apple and Granola Muffins are a must try! Simply use our Medium food wraps to keep them fresh, and you’ve got a delicious healthy treat the kids will love.

If you’ve already got the snack department under control but want to get a little more creative with your lunches, try out this succulent Chicken and Herb Salad Wrap, or this elevated Tomato, Bacon, and Garlic Mayo Sandwich. Use our Large wraps to tightly hold your kids’ lunches, and voila - before you know it, they’ll be the talk of the playground!

All in all, if you’re looking to enhance your kids’ lunches, then look no further - whether it’s to keep your veggies fresh or wrap last night’s leftovers, ‘home. by Foil Me’ is fun for the whole family!

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